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We implement and finalize Bitrix24
up to the fact of increased sales
3-level pre-project study
Interviews with company founders and executives
Collection of data on key actions of managers
Technical audit of application sources
Selecting the right CRM for your company
Audit of sales algorithm
Analyzing the current CRM system
Results of the “Research” phase
Study protocol
Determined current sales department performance
Sales growth and scaling points identified
Strategy and tasks for Bitrix24 implementation are defined
Implementing and finalizing Bitrix24 to increase sales
Step 2
Mapping business processes
Results of the stage "Processes"stage
The logic of business processes has been built
Creating sales funnels for each business process
Development of the scheme of distribution of leads in the system
Building the interconnectivity of the funnels
2x system check of business process map within Gulian Digital company
Aligning the process map with your company's management
Correct logic of Bitrix24 operation is built up
Planned funnels and deal cards that take into account all the nuances of guiding customers through the sales and support funnel
Implement and finalize Bitrix24 to increase sales
Basic configuration of Bitrix24
Setting up sales funnels
Customizing customer cards to collect analytics
Setting up mandatory fields for manager control
Configuring access rights for base security
Connecting sites with UTM tag forwarding
Connecting telephony to save call records
Results of the "Customization"stage
Sales funnels are set up and all traffic sources are integrated
Connection of other services: 1C, social networks, messengers, etc.
All requests are automatically entered into Bitrix24 with UTM source tags
Your database is safe and managers can't steal contacts
Managers are trained and have started working in the updated system
Implementing and finalizing Bitrix24 to increase sales
Sales and marketing automation
Auto-actions to warm up customers
Auto-tasks that the CRM system assigns to the manager
Customizing email and SMS templates for sending
Auto-notifications to the manager about manager's errors
Subscription of clients to display advertising Vkontakte, Yandex
Results of the "Автоматизация"stage
All routine processes are automated
Business processes and routine tasks of managers are automated
Carry out automatic return of rejected customers
Implementing and finalizing Bitrix24 to increase sales
Customizing analytics and reports
Desktop customization in Bitrix24
Connecting a dashboard to monitor managers
Setting up automatic reports for managers
Creating quick links to gather basic analytical data
Results of the "Analytics"stage
Key data summarized in one easy-to-understand report
You've got a dashboard with key
sales force metrics
As a manager, you make management decisions based on numbers and facts
Implementing and finalizing Bitrix24 to increase sales
Training and regulations of work in Bitrix24
3 training of managers in CRM
Training for supervisors to control
in CRM
Testing of employees on work in the system
Recording and delivery of a personalized video course (8-11 videos)
Audit of sales algorithm
Analyzing the current CRM system
Results of the "Training"phase
All employees and managers are trained to work in Bitrix24
Managers are trained and the CRM system has become an indispensable sales assistant
Supervisor and owner trained on how to gather analytics and supervise employees
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