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Fast, affordable and reliable!
  • We provide on-site service throughout France

  • We have qualified craftsmen and guarantee quality work.

  • We only use quality spare parts from reliable partners.

  • 95% of breakdowns are repaired within 1 hour. Experience and availability of spare parts

Coûts de transport
Réparation de la carte électronique de la chaudière
Le fonctionnement de la chaudière est régulé sans ouvrir la chaudière
Réparation de la chaudière
Le prix ne comprend pas les pièces de rechange nécessaires
Rinçage général des chaudières
Rinçage des échangeurs de chaleur des chaudières, remplacement des revêtements, rinçage de la pompe à air
Rinçage de l'échangeur de chaleur de la chaudière
Rinçage de l'échangeur de chaleur secondaire de la chaudière, y compris les joints d'étanchéité
Remplacement du vase d'expansion
Remplacement du vase d'expansion de la chaudière
Installation de la chaudière
Plumber service
The plumbers we work with provide highly punctual and professional services for the customer, guaranteeing maximum customer satisfaction. These plumbers offer a wide range of useful services for solving a variety of problems, such as the loss of water from a broken pipe in your home. In a very short space of time, a pipe can be 100% repaired, with no negative consequences.
Given the special attention this service requires, the electricians you rely on always carry out thorough checks before proceeding with any work. It's worth noting how the skills and professionalism of these electricians guarantee the final results, leading to customer satisfaction. Thanks to their intervention, it will also be possible to achieve a high level of safety in your commercial spaces.
Electrician services
Locksmith service
Our licensed locksmiths in Marseille and its suburbs can offer you a range of emergency lock-picking services. They are able to solve your problem quickly and meet your requirements to the full. For example, if a lock proves faulty, or if you've locked yourself out of your home, the intervention of these highly qualified technicians will put an end to your anguish and enable you to open your home's door in no time.
Service center for gas boiler and water heater repairs
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