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Bitrix24 - a convenient CRM for maintaining a client base, automating sales and working with transactions

Why Bitrix24?
One Bitrix24 instead of dozens of business applications
Free forever for an unlimited number of users
1000+ ready integrations with various services
More than 12,000,000 companies registered in Bitrix24
Suitable for companies of any size and scope
It's new!
CoPilot is your new AI assistant
It is built into your daily CRM work scripts and will help you sell faster and cheaper than a manager. It will instantly do for you what used to take several hours: it will listen to the record of the conversation with the client, highlight the main things and fill in the CRM card. Meanwhile, you can focus on more creative tasks.
Bitrix24 CRM helps you sell more
Maintain a unified customer base
Customer list, communication and order history - everything will be securely stored in CRM.

At any time you can see at what stage the transaction is at, who is handling it and what needs to be done next. Not only from your computer, but also from your smartphone.
Connect all sales channels
CRM itself will collect requests from all channels and distribute them among managers.

Web form, e-mail, phone, social network or messenger - it doesn't matter how a client contacts you. Respond to them in a single window of the Bitrix24 service from a computer or smartphone.
Answer calls directly in Bitrix24
In a couple of clicks connect your company's telephony to CRM or rent a number in Bitrix24.

CRM will automatically allocate calls to salespeople, record conversations and generate reports.

You can fill in transaction fields as you talk to your customer right from your phone.
Automate sales
Free yourself and your managers from routine tasks. Bitrix24 will independently distribute orders, send letters and SMS to customers, record conversations, generate documents and much more.

New! Routine tasks can also be entrusted to CoPilot.
The AI-assistant will transcribe the conversation recording, fill in the necessary fields in CRM, set a task, and help you formulate an idea. Just tell CoPilot what needs to be done!
Evaluate performance with ready-to-use reports
Keep track of employee workload and plan fulfillment, analyze sales, calls and advertising. With CRM analytics you will always know what is happening in your sales department.
Accept payment in a few clicks
You no longer need a website or online store to accept payments. Place orders directly in the CRM.

Send the payment link to the client by SMS, WhatsApp or other social networks and messengers. Track the payment status in the transaction card.
Connect popular payment systems
Connect payment systems and online cash registers and start selling directly in CRM.

Supported are Atol, OrangeData, Evotor, Shtrich-M, Business.Ru Online Checks, Robokassa, UKassa.
Check out the shipping from the deal
You can make a delivery directly from the CRM
and include it in the final check in just a couple of clicks.

CRM.Delivery has integration with Yandex Go. Track the delivery status and contact the courier or client if necessary.
Exchange data with 1C
CRM is able to automatically exchange data with 1C in real time.

  • Selection of counterparties from 1C
  • Two-way synchronization of the product catalog
  • Synchronization of invoices, reports, transactions, orders
  • Universal designer of integration with 1C in smart processes
Expand capabilities
through integrations
Connect to your Bitrix24 those services that you already use. And work the way you like!

  • Telephony
  • Payment systems and online cash registers
  • Yandex Go delivery
  • SMS providers (SMS.RU, Twilio)
  • Social networks and messengers
  • Zoom videoconferencing
  • Yandex.Direct
  • Voice assistants and others
Accept cashless payments anytime, anywhere
Install Bitrix24 mobile app for each employee and accept cashless payment from smartphones.

Now you don't need to buy or rent equipment, you only pay for acquiring. Bitrix24 Terminal is a free alternative to a bank terminal.

Offer customers familiar ways to pay by QR code: SBP, SberPay, bank card.
Communicate with your customers where it's convenient for them - in Telegram
Connect a Telegram bot in 1 minute and respond to customer messages from Bitrix24. All incoming messages will be distributed among salespeople, and correspondence will be saved in the CRM.

A call with a client can be instantly transferred to Telegram and the correspondence with the client will be saved in the same transaction where the call was recorded.
Sign documents with your client instantly right from your phone
No need to buy paper and wait for delivery. The client will be able to sign the document instantly, and you will be able to close the transaction.

Send the document to the client by Email, SMS or WhatsApp. He can sign by hand or upload a photo. Track the whole signing path in the transaction card.

Bitrix24 Signature is fully compliant with 63-FZ regarding simple electronic signature.
Effective yet unobtrusive employee monitoring that will ensure transparency of all business processes.

Keep track of working hours and daily reports of your employees in Bitrix24. All information is collected on one page, and you can easily monitor the working hours of each employee.
Мобильная CRM
Полноценная работа в CRM без компьютера. Помогает продавать больше.
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More than 12,000,000 companies
registered in Bitrix24
Bitrix24 is not just about sales
This is a free set of tools for organizing the work of an entire company.
Instead of a dozen expensive services and applications - just one Bitrix24.