SEO promotion

This is a set of measures to improve your site under the standards of the search engine and its output.
In turn, rendition is a kind of ranking of companies, in which the first 3 sites are market leaders, the most successful and visited. Improve the position of your site!

Web Design

Why do you need SEO?

The more people visit your website, the more effective it is for business. Only 2% of users go further than the first page of the search engine, so just one position can increase your traffic many times over! Our goal is to bring your site to the top 3.

When will my site go to the TOP?


Start of technical optimization, the project is brought to the requirements of search engines. Factors hindering ranking are eliminated
Web analytics system is set up, texts are placed. The first low-frequency queries come to the top
The first results on the growth of site visibility and traffic. A lot of low-frequency queries come to the top
In the top goes part of the medium-frequency queries, thanks to which you can count on a steady increase in applications from the site
SEO promotion also includes:
External optimization
Site load speed
Technical condition of the site
Internal optimization
Writing reviews and buying links
If the content is useful, referenced and discussed, the site's position grows. Achieving this organically and "from scratch" is almost impossible. This is where "eternal links" and working with testimonials come to the rescue.
Realization of the technical part of Front/Back
Search engines "love" fast sites with "clean" program code. The key to successful promotion is to correct all errors on the technical side. This is a fundamental stage in SEO.
SEO text writing and content
There are rules to the content that is placed on the site. It must be useful for the visitor, have a certain structure and content. Our professional copywriters work on its creation.
Working with behavioral factor
Behavioral factor is all sorts of user actions on your website. They are analyzed by search engines, and have a high weight in ranking. Our task is to improve these indicators as much as possible.
Design corrections and improvements
"A beautiful picture" - that's what the user pays attention to when they first arrive on your site. This is an emotional effect. Don't let the visitor leave disappointed - this is an "alarm bell" for Google.
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