Creating chatbots

A chatbot is a program specially written to automate interaction with users mainly on commercial platforms: websites, messengers, social networks. These virtual assistants can answer questions, help in choosing products, save contact details and much more.

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Chatbots: A revolution in customer communication

Imagine that your best manager communicates with customers without lunch break and weekends, is always polite and courteous, never gets tired and never forgets anything. Sounds amazing, especially when you find out that it's possible - with a chatbot.
A chatbot is a virtual online consultant in a chat room who receives and responds to customer requests. It can work on a website, in messengers, in social networks.
Bots take over routine dialogs, freeing up operators' time for more interesting, complex and creative tasks. In addition, chatbots work 24/7, without weekends and holidays (and even on New Year's Eve!)
Stages of chatbot development
The process of creating bots has the illusion of simplicity, but behind that simplicity are stages of work that must be overcome to create a usable and useful solution.
5-10 days
- Briefing
- Identifying the target audience
- Building an Impact Map
- Alignment
10-15 days
- Development of terms of reference
- Scripting and prototyping
- Design (if it is a WebApp)
- Harmonization of requirements
time period depends on requirements
- Functional development
- Screen layout
- Test server setup
- Demonstration and adjustment
time period depends on requirements
- Testing
- Configuring (connecting) the production server
- Integration into the project
- Planning of next iterations
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