What is graphic design?

We will talk about the definition of graphic design and examine the iconic works of great graphic designers. We will discuss the differences between designers and artists and the main trends in graphic design.

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What is graphic design

Graphic design is a means of visual communication, namely the expression of ideas and meanings through static images and animation, shapes and lines, size and space, color and texture, fonts, which are folded into whole images. This direction of design is at the intersection of fine arts, psychology, and marketing.
The goal of graphic design is to create aesthetically pleasing products that carry an idea, tell a story. Its tasks include:
  • emphasizing the distinctive features of the object, its highlighting against the background of others;
  • providing information such as evacuation routes from the building, how to use the appliance, etc;
  • emotional impact on people, creating certain images in their imagination.
Graphic design plays an important role in creating attractive and clear visual elements that help brands and companies to grab the attention of their audience and convey their messages effectively.
Stages of graphic design
Creative approach
Graphic design requires a creative approach to problem solving. A designer must have the ability to think outside the box and incorporate new ideas into their work.
Proficiency in software
Knowledge of software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, CorelDRAW and others is key to creating and editing visual elements.
Color perception
Understanding of color theory and the ability to use colors to create a certain mood and emotional impact on the audience.
Ability to select and work with a variety of fonts and text layout to improve the readability and visual impact of the design.
Working with images
Knowledge of image editing and manipulation techniques to create visually appealing graphics.
Maintaining brand identity
Ability to create graphic elements that adhere to established brand standards and identity, maintaining a unified visual concept.
Analytical skills
Ability to analyze client requirements, target audience and competitors to create effective graphic solutions.
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