Public offer contract N 1/3
Charentsavan, 29.03.2023
1. general provisions
1.1 This document is an official public offer (offer) of Gulian Digital LLC (hereinafter referred to as the “EXECUTOR”) and contains all material terms and conditions of service provision, in accordance with clause 3 of this agreement.

1.2 In accordance with the Legislation of the Republic of Armenia, in case of acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth below and payment for the services, the legal entity or individual who accepts this offer becomes the CUSTOMER (acceptance of the offer is tantamount to the conclusion of the contract on the terms and conditions set forth in the offer).

1.3 Acceptance is the fact that the CUSTOMER has paid the invoice for the services provided by the EXECUTOR.

2. Subject of the offer
2.1 The subject of this offer is the provision of services to the CUSTOMER for manufacturing and placement of sites on the Internet and their maintenance in accordance with the terms of this offer and the current Price List.

2.2 The Contractor shall produce an information-software product (website) in accordance with the initial data provided by the CUSTOMER.

2.3 The Contractor shall provide placement of the manufactured site in the Internet and render services on support and placement of the site, according to the Price-list for services.

2.4 This offer, supplements to this offer and the Price List are official documents and are published on the website

2.5 The EXECUTOR has the right to change the price list, the terms of this public offer and Appendix N 1 at any time, ensuring the publication of the changed terms, at least one day before their entry into force, while these changes do not apply to previously concluded contracts.

3. description of services
3.1 On the basis of this offer, the EXECUTOR shall provide the CUSTOMER with the services specified in the current Price List for the production and placement of websites on the Internet.

4. Terms and procedure of service provision
4.1 After reading the addendum to this offer, the CUSTOMER sends an application for information service to the EXECUTOR. On the basis of the received application, the EXECUTOR issues an invoice to the CUSTOMER for payment of the selected service. The invoice can be sent to the CUSTOMER by e-mail or fax.

4.2 The Customer undertakes to provide by e-mail the initial information for production of the information-software product.

4.3 The EXECUTOR starts to fulfill its obligations under this offer not later than 3 banking days from the moment of receipt on its settlement account of the preliminary payment for services, provided that the CUSTOMER timely notifies it of the payment made, which is an acceptance of this contract for information service.

4.4 In case when it is not possible for the EXECUTOR to start the fulfillment of the request for information service within the terms specified in clause 4.3, the EXECUTOR shall notify the CUSTOMER thereof not later than 2 days after the receipt of the request. In this situation, the term for starting the provision of information services under the application shall be agreed upon additionally.

4.5 Advance payments for one-off services shall be credited upon their fulfillment.

4.6 The services are considered to be rendered properly and in full, if within three days from the end of rendering the services the CUSTOMER does not make a complaint, the basis of which may be a documented justification of the fact of failure to provide services or rendering services that do not correspond to those specified in the Price List.

4.7 The Contractor shall provide the CUSTOMER with an invoice and a work performance certificate for the entire contract value within 5 days after payment of the invoice.

4.8 The Contractor is not legally, materially or otherwise responsible for the information posted by the CUSTOMER on the website and has the right to terminate the contract unilaterally in case the CUSTOMER posts information that contradicts the norms of the RA legislation in the field of information policy and advertising or displays SPAM activity.

4.9 The text and graphic information on the website, as well as the website domain are the property of the CUSTOMER. Upon the CUSTOMER's request, the Contractor shall provide a backup copy of the website in the form of HTML files by e-mail (if the website platform allows it).

5. Financial relations of the parties
5.1 Payment for all services provided to the CUSTOMER shall be made on a prepayment basis.

5.2 The prices for the Contractor's services are specified in Armenian drams or in dollars (in this case, when converting dollars into drams, it is necessary to be guided by the rate of the RA Central Bank effective at the time of invoicing).

6. Special conditions
6.1 If the CUSTOMER needs a paper copy of the Contract signed by the EXECUTOR, the EXECUTOR shall execute a version of the Contract for legal entities and send it to the CUSTOMER by e-mail.

6.2 The Customer shall print out two copies of this Contract with the entered details and send the signed Contracts by mail to the Contractor: 2501, Armenia, Kotayk Marz, Charentsavan, 8th quarter, 8, 24. Charentsavan, 8th quarter, b. 8, 24.

Having received the Agreement signed by the Customer, the Contractor shall sign it on his part and return one copy of the Agreement to the Customer by mail to the address specified by the Customer.

6.3 The Contract shall come into force from the moment of payment and shall be valid for one year. The Contract shall be automatically prolonged for the next year in case of receipt of the Customer's payment for the Contractor's services on support and placement of the information-software product.

6.4 The EXECUTOR does not provide any services for individual customization of hardware and software with a visit to the place of residence or work of the service user. All questions regarding the support of the service shall be sent by e-mail to

6.5 The information posted by the CUSTOMER on the Internet shall be changed by the CUSTOMER independently through the management system provided by the EXECUTOR.

7. Liability of the parties
7.1 For non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of obligations under this agreement, the parties shall be liable in accordance with the current legislation.

7.2 The fact of fulfillment of obligations under this contract by the EXECUTOR ends with the provision of services in accordance with the current Price List.

7.3 The EXECUTOR is not responsible for the quality and speed of access to the EXECUTOR's website by the CUSTOMER, carried out through the communication channels of operators and Internet providers.

7.4 The EXECUTOR does not bear legal, material or other responsibility for the information posted by the CUSTOMER on the website owned by the CUSTOMER and has the right to terminate the contract in case the CUSTOMER posts information that contradicts the norms of the RA legislation in the field of information policy and advertising.

7.5 The EXECUTOR shall not be liable for force majeure circumstances beyond the EXECUTOR's control, i.e. “force majeure” circumstances, which include failures of telecommunication networks and third party equipment.

7.6 The CUSTOMER undertakes to use the Internet only in a legal manner and not to transfer to the EXECUTOR any liability for damages of any kind incurred by the CUSTOMER or a third party in the course of the CUSTOMER's use of the EXECUTOR's services.

8. Term of validity of the contract
8.1 The Contract shall come into force from the moment of acceptance and shall remain in force until the Parties fulfill their obligations.

8.2 The EXECUTOR shall have the right to unilaterally terminate this contract by notifying the CUSTOMER in advance and returning the money to the CUSTOMER less the expenses incurred.

9. Disputes of the parties
9.1 All disputes and disagreements shall be settled through negotiations between the parties. In case the disputes and disagreements cannot be settled through negotiations, they shall be referred to the Arbitration Court of Yerevan.

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